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Digitally Brilliant

We keep up with the Digital Marketing trends so you don’t have to. Let our team transform your online presence and optimize your lead generations by using data.

Get ahead of the game

If you are serious about your online performance get in touch with us, our approach is creative and different from the generic services available on the market..

Inbound Marketing

By using various types of content at different stages of the buying cycle, the ‘inbound methodology’ is “the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.”.

Building your Digital Presence

Your business needs visibility to generate leads, increase conversions and get more customers. Well done websites help companies expand their reach and generate new business..

Great Ads Need Close Attention

Digital advertising is a full-time job. The sophistication of digital advertising programs requires genuine expertise and creativity to drive results..

Data-driven Marketing

Measure and analyze your marketing performance to maximizes campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Just traffic won’t help you reach your goals, you need to make sure that traffic converts. Helping your visitors perform the desired action once they arrive on your pages is the secret behind increased revenue..

Using Data to generate GROWTH

Marketing Analytics
Measure and analyze your marketing performance to maximizes campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Digital Analytics
We are there to ensure your data is accurate and segmented, allowing you to make faster, informed decisions.

Business Analytics
We will help you answer your business questions, proactively identify opportunities, and leverage actionable insights.

Conversion & Funnel Optimization

We understand that optimizing the conversions is a fundamental process to your success.

We analyze the webpage usability, conversion rate, copy, and aesthetics to discover opportunities for improvement
We will provide actionable steps, based on findings, that you can implement in order to take advantage of the conversion opportunities from your traffic.

We have the answers to your Questions

How to choose the best SEO company to work with?

In today’s digital world, every company with an online presence is directing their business strategies and marketing budgets towards SEO first. 

With the industry booming, there’s a ton of agencies offering SEO services.

Which is the best SEO company, though?

With more than 8 years of experience, 38-plus clients, TheCodeGene is one of the best SEO companies for small-to-midsized businesses in Cork.

What Is SEO, and how it works??

With SEO, your team or agency optimizes your website for search engines and users. Optimization can include creating optimized site content, fixing broken website links, improving page speed, and more.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the practice of using coding languages to identify different parts of a webpage. Most of the time, that requires using a coding language like HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, or Schema.


What is Local SEO?

Through Local SEO we are adding your business to online directories and targeting location-based keywords with content on your site. This will help your website to show up in multiple places online with your brand name, address, phone number, and more.

Local SEO increases the chances that the customers will find your company before they find your competitors.

What is Website Maintenance?

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and if you don’t keep up, your website speed and security will be affected.

With that in mind, we can keep up with recent trends, updates to SEO, and other security factors that impact your ability to compete in the marketplace.


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